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West Yorkshire Police Embrace Chronicle to Provide Assurance across Operational Delivery

West Yorkshire Police has chosen to expand its use of Chronicle and is implementing all of the Chronicle modules, including the newest Chronicle module – Professionalising the Investigation Process (PIP), as well as Driver Management, Public Order, Dogs, Search and Custody Officer Management.

ACC Angela Williams of West Yorkshire Police said recently, “We have been using Chronicle for a number of years around the accreditation of firearms, but when we realised that it could be used much more broadly around training and accreditation of all officers including detectives, we were very keen to look at it. We see it now as the engine behind what we are doing in all training. Chronicle is a vital component part of delivering a world class training facility.”

The capabilities of the Chronicle system go far beyond simply recording training events. Organisations can now tie together records that were traditionally kept in separate systems or manually recorded. Chronicle’s real time records ensure that officers are licensed and experienced in the skills that they actually perform when they need to perform them. Managers can use this information to future plan and assess what the skill and accreditation picture will look like at a future date and therefore establish the training requirement to maintain their operational needs.

As with every force, West Yorkshire Police set out to deliver a professional, ethical and effective investigation capacity for policing in the 21st century. The Chronicle PIP module is now assisting them to do just that. It supports training, accreditation and CPD compliance.

DCI Gary Curnow commented “Once we understood what was required from the Force in the delivery of ongoing Detective training and management, we were concerned that we would not be able to meet the standard. Chronicle has given us the answers and JML Software Solutions has supported us every step of the way.”

He continued, “We have to be able to demonstrate that we use our budgets economically and effectively and we now use the Chronicle System to ensure we don’t waste money over-training officers whilst maximising the number of operational officers. We look to ensure that we protect our officers by ensuring they never go out of compliance. That protects officers, it protects West Yorkshire Police and it protects the Public at large.”

The power of effective data management technology can be measured in saved time, saved money and reduced risk to officers, to the general public and to the reputation of the Police Service. Chronicle offers all these benefits.

Chronicle is used by 47 law enforcement organisations across Great Britain, including 42 Home Office Police Forces and 5 National organisations. In addition to Firearms, the vast majority of the forces are also using at least one of the other Chronicle modules to manage other elements of training, accreditation and CPD compliance.

Chronicle is provided by JML who, in July, were successful in winning the Police ICT Company Framework agreement for Systems to Manage Specialist Police Competencies and Assets. This makes the procurement of the additional modules easy for other forces to achieve.


September 2017


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