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Chronicle Firearms Management is a unique Firearms Training and Operations Management System designed by police officers for police officers to encompass all aspects of firearms conflict management across a force collaboration or region. 

Linked to a standardised national curriculum Chronicle captures all the information required to assist forces with evidencing compliance with national standards, record operational data to inform the Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment process, record training, and planning of all firearms activity. A simple to use data entry method means large quantities of data can be easily and quickly recorded, the use of mobile data devices means there is no need for officers to return to police stations when on patrol. 


Capability & Capacity Data

Instant overview of currently authorised firearms officers linked to individual role profiles available 24/7 enables police forces working with collaborations to make informed decisions about future capability and capacity requirements linked to their Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment. Chronicle also provides an interface with the National Police Coordinating Centre (NPoCC) automatically transmitting via the PNN network Capability and Capacity Data to inform the national critical incident response capability.

Professional Competence Reports

Chronicle provides individual time lapse role profile compliance with curriculum or national occupational standards to ensure that staff qualifications remain current and they are ready to be deployed. This unique feature provides notifications to individuals, their supervisors and the training team when a skill linked to their role profile (including Command) is about to expire, enabling effective planning to ensure the right training is delivered to the right staff at the right time. Manage your Command Accreditation with Chronicle

Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment

The operations recording feature enables organisations to capture all firearms and less lethal operations building a detailed deployment picture across their geographical area of responsibility. The information on the type of operation the tactics used to resolve it and the weapons deployed provides accurate data to inform a Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment process.

Training Records Management

Firearms Management provides a comprehensive training records management system enabling training departments to record all courses, refreshers, and individual development plans linked to national competency frameworks or any mandated curriculum. The system generates notifications to inform training departments, supervisors and individuals when a skill is about to expire including weapon qualifications, or when eyesight or medical test is due for renewal, ensuring staff remain current and able to meet operational requirements.

Training Planner

Our Training Planning feature enables Training Managers to define future course and refresher training events and open them up to Resource Management Units to allocate students. Other features include, easy to view calendar, instructor allocation, double booking notification, venue booking, automatic student notification and joining instructions. Overall our training planning system reduces absenteeism improves efficiency and provides meaningful performance management data.

Instructor Continual Professional Development (CPD)

The training management system records all the training each instructor has delivered, personal training they receive and peer assessment records in one place, ensuring that they can evidence their own Continual Professional Development (CPD). This unique feature enables training managers to evidence the competence of their training team to deliver the standards of training required by your organisation and assists the Professional Development Review (PDR) process.

Chronicle Firearms Management module

    Chronicle Firearms Training and Operations Management System is designed to encompass all aspects of the critical area of firearms operations no matter the size of your organisation. Capture the information required to demonstrate compliance with the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum and Professional Practice manuals in one easy-to-access location. Chronicle enables firearms officers and commanders to build a comprehensive training and operations portfolio that is proven to assist individuals in demonstrating professional competence during post incident enquiries. Designed by police for police to reduce risk and demonstrate accountability the Chronicle Firearms Management Module delivers. 

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Firearms training data sheet

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