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The Chronicle Armoury Management System is designed to provide an efficient & effective system for the day-to-day management of the issue and return of firearms and munitions through the use of the latest RFID technology: linked to our secure door access you can be assured that your weapon inventory is accounted for 24/7. The system is capable of coping with numerous transactions at multiple locations simultaneously while providing organisations with the ability to centrally monitor the issue and return process where supervision is a problem. In addition the armoury system provides Armourers or Weapon Maintainer with service and maintenance tracking history and ammunition stock control information, providing automatic Email and SMS text alerts when service or maintenance is due or a weapon is overdue return.


Central Administration & Monitoring

Chronicle Armoury Management enables organisations to monitor their entire weapon and munitions inventory centrally, including the complete service schedule, full movement history and all maintenance records. Remotely remove a individuals access instantly and receive Email or SMS Text alerts (if configured) when a weapon becomes overdue for return or when a scheduled service or repair is required.

Issue & Return Process

Chronicle Armoury provides a simple menu driven process for the issue and return of weapons in both an operational and training environment. Users log on to the touch screen, scan items to be issued, electronically sign using personal issue ID Card and unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Central Records are instantly updated with a date, time, details of the person receiving and witnessing the transaction providing a robust audit trail.

Secure Door Access

Chronicles unique Secure Door Access Control System enables user access permissions to be set according to an individuals authority level and location. The dual access feature requires a witness to be present to in order to prevent individuals entering the secure area unsupervised; single access is also configurable where operational requirements exist. With the ability to remove access authorities remotely, key override in the event of power failure, 'insecure door' alerts and 'tamper' alerts, the Chronicle Door Access Control System provides a robust solution to protect high value, high risk assets.


Reporting within the Armoury Module enables; accurate location and weapon status reports, weapon issue/return transactions, weapon inventory 24/7, maintenance and servicing records. Armoury managers can also carryout; ammunition stock control checks, produce accurate audit reports and receive unauthorised door access warnings via E-mail or SMS Alerts (if configured).

Mobile Armoury Solution

JML are able to supply mobile devices dependant upon customer need and requirements. The chosen mobile device is the Mesa Ultra Rugged Notepad which meets stringent military standards and is designed to operate in harsh environments. These units are used to capture the issue and return of weapons out in the field at an operation or at training events from mobile armouries. In addition, Chronicle software on the Mesa supports a full Armoury Audit feature in order to facilitate armoury checks.

Radio Frequency Identification

We use RFID tags that are small enough to be secreted in weapons without interfering with the function, while providing the read ranges required to be detected on a consistent basis. Our rigorous testing regime and knowledge of RFID technologies means we will not make exaggerated claims about tracking but ensures our system can be relied on to provide consistent results in the various circumstances which occur during the issue and return process.

Armoury Management Module

    The Armoury Management system was developed in partnership with HOSDB (now CAST) and operational police firearms units to manage firearms issue & return, weapon maintenance records, ammunition stock, in addition to controlling access to weapons and armouries based on an officers designated authority. Our System is currently used in over one hundred armouries, housing thousands of weapons between them - dealing effectively with over 90,000 weapon transactions each day. 

    Using our vast experience of working within the police and military JML staff will install a solution that enhances existing working practices and procedures rather than imposing a generic solution. 

    Greg Gregory, Secretary National Armourers Working Group said;

    “As the Secretary of the National Armourers Working Group I have a unique perspective on the need for forces to demonstrate robust audit of the security, maintenance and repair of weapons systems. With over 100 armouries nationally using Chronicle’s user friendly armoury management and door access system, I am confident that our members have the best system available to support their vital work in this high risk environment”.

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Armoury datasheet

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