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We are the market leaders in providing specialist solutions around the governance, audit, and competence of staff working within highly regulated sectors and industry.
Our Chronicle system is sufficiently flexible to allow our customers to tailor it to their individual requirements, empowering them to accurately demonstrate that their staff have the requisite skills required and that working practices conform to industry regulations. 

Our systems manage business critical skills data, enabling organisations to instantly view at the click of a button the availability of staff qualified and up-to-date with external regulatory and internal procedural requirements.




    Competence Frameworks, such as those developed by the Institute of Gas Engineers & Managers or by the College of Policing, are intended to provide a means by which companies may determine competence requirements for particular roles and assess whether individual employees meet those requirements. A Competence Framework may also be used by individual employees or those aspiring to roles in the industry to understand and seek to demonstrate the relevant competence.

    Chronicle Systems enable you to build competence frameworks bespoke to each Role Profile or Job Description within your organisation and monitor how your staff meet those requirements. Critical time limits can be put in place so that training departments, managers and the employees themselves receive notifications when a critical skill is about to expire, ensuring your staff remain available to meet your company or organisational goals.


Compliance with industry standards improves your reputation within the industry, with regulators and builds confidence with the public you need in order to do business. Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time event: it helps prevent accidents, breaches of law, and reduces the potential for costly litigation. When you stay compliant, you are part of the solution. Chronicle evidences your efforts to comply, and by using our systems you will be better prepared for regulatory inspection, can swiftly implement new regulations as they arise and will be able to demonstrate a robust auditable corporate compliance strategy.




    Failure to comply with regulatory standards can be disastrous: just one incident can severely damage your reputation and your ability to conduct business effectively far into the future, and can also damage relationships, harm your standing with the community you serve, and depress share price (if yours is a public company). Possible consequences could also include; lawsuits, insurance claims or government fines. Don't let it happen to you. Having worked hard to build your business, make sure you secure your success with Chronicle.

    Perhaps we made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for a moment – but we are here to offer resources that can help. Take the first step in your compliance journey with Chronicle.


One of the main drivers for managing the effectiveness of operational-centric business activities and processes is the need for timely and relevant information. Chronicle improves operational performance through a continual process of monitoring workforce skills and aligning them to operational delivery. Chronicle enables you to target training at those who require it- increasing workforce availability, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

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Protect your staff and your organisations reputation.


Be secure in the knowledge that your staff and organisation are fully compliant with regulatory standards.


Chronicle Systems informs you of problems before they become a crisis.


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